What is ProdCamp?

And what is it a good fit for?


ProdCamp is a user feedback and product management platform.

We've built this system because we had faced the same challenges in our previous experiences. It has been always a challenge to keep getting customer feedback, consistently store it in a consumable way, and also make it actionable, not to collect for the sake of collecting.

  • Feedback Management

ProdCamp can help you to collect customer feedback from multiple channels and store it in a single repository. One for each of your products.

You can collect feedback using various channels, all of which are listed here.

Once collected, the feedback should be actionable. And this is where our Product Management piece comes into play.

  • Product Management

It's crucial to listen to your customers to understand what needs to be built. At the end of the day, it's up to them whether or not they will keep paying for your service or churn away.

When you have feedback in our system, act on it.

First and foremost, read it attentively.

Then, connect it to a feature or several, if that's the case.

Prioritize features based on customers' value for a feature taken from Salesforce.

After it's prioritized, push the features that you want to ship to Jira.

  • Feedback Management (continued)

Finally, close the feedback loop by following up with the customer, and thanking them for their feedback.

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