Customer Feedback Channels

Below is the list of essential channels that will help you to collect more context from your customers.

Here's the list of supported feedback channels:

1. The ProdCamp app

One of the most used channels is when you type something manually. Whether or not, it's a customer interview, a copy-paste from your notes, or spreadsheets.

2. Public Roadmap

It's great to be transparent with your audience and let them see what is up next. We enable companies to set up a public roadmap page for each project inside your ProdCamp workspace. Check our own public roadmap page here.

3. Feature voting portal

Let your customers help you. Create a feature voting portal and collect upvotes on concrete features to understand what is it that your customers expect from you.

4. Email forwarding

Just forward an email to a designated mailbox that we provide and it will be added as feedback right inside the app.

You can create a nice-looking email handle in your domain (f.e. and configure rules to forward all emails to the email address that you can get in ProdCamp settings. Now, all the feedback that is sent to (for example) will go straight to the app.

5. Google Chrome Extension

It's handy to have the ability to file customer feedback when you're browsing the web and you see something about your product.

Check this link to download our Chrome Extension from the Google Chrome Webstore.

6. Intercom Messanger

Let your customers leave feedback and upvote features right in the Intercom Messanger.

7. In-App Embeddable Widget

You can embed an easy-to-use javascript widget inside your app that your users can use to provide feedback right from there!

8. NPS Widget

Measure how engaged your customers are and how it's changed over time.

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