Sprints Mode

In case you're working in iterations

What is a Sprints Mode

You can enable the Sprints Mode setting for your ProdCamp product workspace. It will let you work in iterations, assign features to a sprint, release features altogether. Features will have an additional State field that gives more project management functionality inside the app. You'll have an additional kanban board inside each sprint that can be used to quickly throw features between states and identify what feature to do next in the current sprint. Read the below sections to learn more.

Enable the Sprint Mode

You can set the sprint mode ON for a product by going to the product details page and navigating there to the "Product Settings" tab

You'll see that there is a new menu option after you perform this action:

Sprints Page

The Sprints page represents a page with a number of tabs. Each of them represents a sprint state.

On the Now tab you'll see sprints that have the Running state.

The Archived tab contains Sprints that are already Released or Cancelled

The Soon represent sprints that are in a Planned state and have an End Date property set to a date that is closer than 2 months from the current moment.

On the Future tab, you'll see Sprints that are also Planned but with the End Date set more than 2 months away from now.

Let's go to the Sprint details

Sprint Details Page

The Sprint details page is a kanban board with some additional Sprint controls on the top toolbar

You can drag a feature from To Do column to the In Progress column and its State will change to In Development (note: this is not related to the public roadmap placement of the feature, it's described here). Or to the Done column and its State will become Ready To Ship.

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