Integrating ProdCamp with Intercom

There are three scenarios of how you can use Intercom with Prodcamp.

To get started follow these steps:

Connecting ProdCamp to Intercom

There are 2 ways to integrate with Intercom:

Option 1:

Open the link below and click on "Sign in to Install".

Option 2:

1. Sign in to your ProdCamp account here.

2. Open the Settings page and click Integrations on the top.

3. Click on the Intercom section to expand and click on the "Connect with Intercom" button.

Voting for a feature on behalf of a user in the Inbox

Best practice: it's only a good idea to upvote a certain feature if you're sure it's what the customer needs. If you're not sure, create a new feedback record to be processed by a person in charge of feedback collecting from a product team.

1. Inside the Inbox conversation, click on the ProdCamp icon.

2. Type keywords for the feature that a user has requested.

3. Choose the best fit from the results and click on the upvote button.

4. The link to the feature will be added to your next reply automatically. Just click Send.

Capturing user feedback in the Intercom Inbox

1. In the Intercom Inbox, click on the ProdCamp icon.

2. Click on the "Submit New Feedback" button.

3. Paste feedback content from the clipboard.

4. Click Submit.

Sharing your product roadmap on the Intercom Messanger Home

1. Go to the messenger settings.

2. Scroll down and click "Add apps to your Messenger."

3. Click on "Add an app."

4. Scroll down and click on the ProdCamp app.

5. Select the product which you want on the roadmap.

6. Once posted, you'll see it in your Intercom Messenger.

Well done! 🙌

Happy to get your feedback.

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