Manage Accounts and Contacts

ProdCamp customer center is a mini CRM designed to help you leverage customer account and contact information to make better decisions.

There are only several ways to start leveraging your customer data with ProdCamp:

Create Contacts and Accounts manually - which is a viable option only for small organizations.

Create an account

To manually create an account please go to your customer section and click create new.

Specify the Account name and one or multiple domains associated with it and hit save.

Create a contact

To create a new contact, select Contacts, and create new.

Then complete the form and don't forget to specify the account attached to this contact.

PLEASE NOTE - To update industry, type, Annual revenue, lifetime revenue, or any additional account field please first create the account and then edit it.

Once the account is created click edit and input the information you need in the extended form.

Import contacts and accounts information

from a CSV via ProdCamp ''import section". See Import Section.

Turn on ProdCamp native CRM integration - available for supported systems only (currently Salesforce)

Read more about the Integration Section.

How to gain more insights with ProdCamp Customer Center?

ProdCamp customer section allows you to take a closer look at some of your strategic accounts to gain more insights.

You can easily identify if your customers provide feedback and through which feedback channel.

Or what features are they interested in, and in which area of the product.

If you have any questions or need help with your customer center please contact us at

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