Feature Placement on the Public Roadmap

General rules used to place features on the Public Roadmap

  • For a feature to appear on the public roadmap - you should set its Visibility to be public

  • The second important thing here is the Status property that can be set to Backlog, In Progress, Soon, Future, or Released and Will Not Implement. When you set the Status to one of the following: In Progress, Soon, Future - you'll see this feature on the Roadmap page of the public roadmap. Once you set the Status field to the Backlog value - the feature will be available on the Backlog page of the public roadmap. If you set the Status to Released you'll be prompted to confirm your choice, cause this action will lead to an official feature release that will also trigger sending notifications to all the feature subscribers, placing the feature on the Released page of the public roadmap, and also sending this feature to your Changelog. Setting Status to Will Not Implement will just mark the feature as Complete and it'll not be available publicly and on the Active tab of the Features page.

Using Sprints Mode (deprecated)

After analyzing what kind of product we want to build we decided to deprecate the Sprints mode since it's more of a Project management tool than Product Management. If you think you really need it, please vote here: https://roadmap.prodcamp.com/400

Backlog Section

If a feature is not assigned to any Sprint and is publicly visible - it's placed in the Backlog section of the public roadmap.

Roadmap Section

If a feature is assigned to a Sprint, it will be placed in the Roadmap section. When a sprint is in the Running state, the feature will be added to In Progress column on the public roadmap page.

When a sprint's Start Date field is scheduled within the next 2 months, it will be placed in the Soon column.

When a sprint is scheduled to start later than 2 months, it will be added to the Future column.

Later there will be an ability to change this 2 months period to whatever you like.

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