Closing Feedback Loop

To be more successful, businesses must be with a customer-first mindset.

Receiving customer feedback is as important as acting upon it. Also, it's crucial letting customers know what is it you're planning to do.

To close the feedback loop with ProdCamp you can do it in an automated way:

Share the link to a feature with a customer and let them subscribe to updates. Read more on how you can subscribe to a feature in this article.

Notifying about received feedback

A customer gets notified when feedback that he provided gets into your ProdCamp account.

Notify when feedback gets processed

When you set the received feedback Status to Processed, a customer that provided this feedback will be notified of this. This email will also include all the publicly available linked features that you add before changing its Status to Processed.

Notify subscribers of updates

Customers that subscribe to features will get an email once these features are released.

At this point, it only works for those features which are publicly available. We'll be adding a way to notify customers of updates to private features in the future. Let us know if you'd like to expedite it.

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