Using ProdCamp API

To start using our API you need just a couple of things: generate an API key and get your product ID to make requests to the right product in your workspace.

1. Generate an API key

To do that you need to go to the "Workspace Settings" page and then to the "API" tab inside your account and press the "Generate" button.

2. Determine the Product ID

To get your product ID you can go to the "Products" page and see it in the "ID" column of the products list.

Now, when you have your product ID and your API key you can make requests to the ProdCamp API endpoint.

Using the product ID

Product ID must be set into the "X-ProductId" request header. If no product ID header is sent to the API - the request will be executed as if it was sent with a product ID of your first product in the list.

Using the API key

The API key can be sent either as a query parameter "apikey", or a request header "X-apikey"

Example of using the API key as a query parameter:

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