Prioritization Matrix

The prioritization section is designed to help you identify the most valuable backlogged features and select the ones that will have the most impact on your business.

Prioritization Matrix overview

The prioritization panel is divided into two sections.

The left panel with filters (With Estimation, With votes) and the backlog feature list.

The right panel with the prioritization matrix itself.

The matrix X-axis reflects the feature's development ''estimation" while the Y-axis represents the number of upvotes received for this feature. The matrix is then segmented into four sections (Low priority, Quick Wins, Strategic, Hard slogs).

PLEASE NOTE - the more requests a feature receives the upper the circle. In the same way, a higher estimation would push the circle to the right of the matrix. Lastly, the larger the circle the more revenue this specific feature is likely to help you gain, grow, or retain.

What criteria can you use to prioritize your Product Roadmap with ProdCamp?

Feature Requests

Requests are upvotes made by your customers directly on your Public Roadmap or by your team on your Protected Roadmap. It helps you determine how many prospects or clients are looking for such a feature.

Feature Value

Having the number of companies interested in a specific functionality is great but knowing how much revenue it would actually help your organization gain, grow, or retain is much better.

PLEASE NOTE - ProdCamp allows you to specify the value of an account via a mini CRM available in your Customers section. You can also connect it to your CRM (Salesforce) to automate the process. ProdCamp then aggregates the upvoters account value to help you rank features and prioritize your next sprint.

Feature Estimation

ProdCamp correlates Request counts and time Estimation to segment your features between Low Priorities, Quick Wins, Strategic, and Hard Slogs. You can use the estimation data to estimate the development time and the effort required to ship a specific feature.

How to prioritize a feature with the help of my prioritization matrix?

To prioritize a feature please click on its circle in the matrix or in the list,

Select the appropriate feature and the feature details window will prompt.

Click on your priority field on the right section and select the right one. Do that across all the backlog features you can/want to prioritize.

Then go to your feature section, select ''Only in Backlog" and filter using the priority you've just set.

Select all the features you want to start working on, combine them in a sprint with an end and start date, communicate it back to your development team, or use our Jira Integration to push your Sprint directly in Jira.

Congratulations you are all set!

If you have any questions or need help with prioritization please feel free to contact us at

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