How it works

Types of entities in ProdCamp

  1. Features Features are improvements of your product or a service that you added to your ProdCamp account. In other products, it could be called an idea or a working item. Features are typically created by a product owner or a product manager but lately, we see a trend of customer support, sales, and customer success teams are also taking part in this.

  2. Feedback In ProdCamp everything a customer does is feedback, whether or not they send you an email, suggest a new feature, or upvote an existing feature on the public roadmap. What we call feedback is some other tools is called an idea (like with features, confusing, right?) or an insight. We think that not every customer feedback contains an insight or an idea. Oftentimes, feedback contains details on multiple areas of improvements brought up by a customer (and it can be attached to multiple features). What types of feedback exist in ProdCamp? - upvote (or like on a public roadmap) - feature suggestion - Intercom message - email - customer quote (captured with a Chrome extention) - customer interview an more to come

  3. Comments Comments exist for both: features and feedback. They're used to enrich the context of the content. On the public roadmap, visitors can leave comments or upvote features while providing details. And it's not the same thing. A comment is not an upvote and it doesn't affect the upvote counter. Comments to a feature are visible by default but could be hidden by an administrator. Details to a feature suggestion or an upvote are never public.

Public Roadmap Visitor flow

  • As a public roadmap visitor, I can upvote a feature. The only visible change is the +1 on the feature likes counter.

  • As a public roadmap visitor, I can upvote a feature and supply it with additional context by adding details. This information is not shared publicly and sent to the vendor's account. The only visible change will be the +1 on the feature likes counter.

  • As a public roadmap visitor, I can leave a comment on a feature. This information is public and can be seen by everyone. In some cases, it can be hidden by an administrator.

Public Roadmap Administrator flow

  • As a company employee, I can reply to a comment on the public roadmap or in the ProdCamp app inside the feature in question. When replying from inside the app, my name will be highlighted as a company employee.

  • As a company employee, I can hide a comment if it's irrelevant or spam.


  1. Can customers create features on their own? No. At least not at this point.

  2. Is an upvote technically feedback? An upvote is feedback. It can come with a comment or without one.

  3. When submitting a feature proposal, does it create a feature? No, it's a feedback.

  4. When I leave feedback details to an upvote, will it create a feature? No, it's still feedback.

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