Push your features to GitLab and synchronize them between the systems.

Integrating with GitLab

To configure your ProdCamp integration with GitLab OnPrem and Cloud you need to configure from both sides: GitLab and ProdCamp.

Create ProdCamp app in GitLab

  1. Open the Admin Area of GitLab.

  2. Open Applications. The link should look like this:

  1. Click On "Add new application".

  2. Name: ProdCamp

  3. Select "Trusted".

  4. Scope: Select only "API".

  1. Copy the Application ID and Secret to ProdCamp.

GitLab Integration Configuration in ProdCamp

Click on the Gear button on the top right.

  1. Head over to the Integrations section.

  2. Click on Jira to expand the accordion.

  1. Paste the Application ID and Secret from GitLab.

  1. Click "Save and Connect".

The integration is configured now 🌟

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